Joe Biden attended a ceremony two years ago to have Brown-Burton-Winchester Park in Wilmington, Delaware renamed as the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center. Biden claims he used to work there as the "only white lifeguard," and in the summer of 1962, it was the location of his intense encounter with a gang leader named Corn Pop. 

Biden's retelling of that event has been called into question, led by The Root writer Michael Harriot, who presents his findings in a series of tweets that seem to dispute the former Vice President's entire account. 

Harriot questions the validity of Biden's story, especially in regards to the part about a gang leader named Corn Pop because, obviously. 

However, there may have actually been someone who went by Corn Pop who died in 2016.  

And there was a gang in Wilmington in the 1960s known as the Romans. 

So, was the notoriously untruthful Biden actually telling the truth here?