What with POTUS revealing he thinks the Moon is "a part" of Mars and whatnot, the seemingly simple task of making it from one day to the next is currently a full-blown chore.

Enter this fresh meme inspired by a recently tweeted clip from former Vine megastar Casey Frey that's great for initiating smiles and compartmentalizing existential angst, only to have the abstract joy of it all kinda spoiled by explainers.

Post-Vine, Frey has put other channels—YouTube, Twitter, etc.—to good use with a continuation of his multi-character approach to the art of funny microcinema. Thanks to well-timed screen grabs from the DVBBS-soundtracked clip above, this has resulted in side-by-side comparison meme that's basically limitless in its versatility. More importantly, it's consistently funny as hell.

A still-in-progress catalog entry over at KnowYourMeme does well in succinctly breaking down the intricacies of the origin story, which notably sees the meme's usage gaining serious traction nearly a full month after Frey first released the source clip. An early source of viral success in connection with the video, saw @mothypal joking that the clip is "about the worker's revolution," which may very well be dead on.

In the interest of contributing to the greater good, you can find some of the final products below.