Remember that video of a young father "conversing" with his babbling infant? Of course you do. Well, weeks after going viral and stealing America's hearts, the father-son duo are bringing back the gibberish in a national commercial.

DJ Pryor and his son, Kingston, were tapped to star in Denny's Father's Day. And, yes, their "conversation" is still pretty precious. The comedian and his child are seen sitting at a Denny's booth in front of the chain's signature fare: a plate of pancakes with a side of bacon and eggs. DJ then turns to Kingston and begins chopping it up about life.

"I think it's perfect that we came here to have a booth chat just amongst father and son, right?" he tells the child, who keeps himself entertained with bendy straws. "What I brought you here is to find out what's going in your life. What's going in your life, huh?"

Kingston then begins to babble, as infants tend to do.

"Thank you for bringing daddy here. I appreciate you," DJ said as he embraces his son. "Is that your grand finale? Because you buttered me up."

Check out the ad below. 

"We Partnered With Our Favorite Spot @Dennysdiner to have a Little Booth Chat!" DJ wrote on Instagram. "Very Important For Father Son Bonding 💪🏾💪🏾 HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! From Mine to Yours!! Go Get A Grand Slam from Denny’s! Love Y’all!!!"