Police from suburban St. Louis' St. Charles County, have arrested and charged 20-year-old Kaine Louzader after he allegedly killed and dismembered cats he acquired off of Craigslist. Authorities add that a number of cats and kittens had been found dead along a local road called Wild Deer Lane since the start of the year.

On May 6, a witness says that they saw a man in a white, four-door Toyota Camry unload a dead cat from a bag of water along that road. An investigation led to the location of a dead cat in addition to three mutliated kittens. Questioning led the police to Louzader, who drove a car matching that description, and who also happened to live on Wild Deer Lane. Police say that they read him his rights and that, afterward, he "admitted to killing multiple cats" over the last four months.

Louzader says that he got the cats from Craiglist ads after they were posted by previous owners who were either selling or giving them away. After picking up the animals he claims he took them back to his house, "where he would strangle or stomp on the heads of the cats in the bathtub or backyard patio." After the cats died, he claims to have dismembered some by hacking off limbs or removing their heads, at which point he would discard them around his neighborhood.

Officer Sgt. Jeff Ochs wrote in a sworn statement about observations he made while talking to Louzader.

“While speaking with Louzader, I observed several scratches on each of his forearms, hands, fingers and wrist." Ochs said. "Initially, Louzader claimed that an elderly female patient at the hospital he works at scratched him, but the scratches were not consistent with scratches made by human fingernails.

“When he was asked if there was someone at the hospital we could contact to verify his story he changed his story and stated the scratches were from cats trying to flee while he was strangling them.”

Louzader is suspected of killing at least a dozen animals.

According to People, he faces two felony charges of animal abuse “by torture and/or mutilation while animal was alive.” Additional charges are expected to be filed.