Easter celebrations in Sri Lanka turned deadly when a string of explosions left over 400 people injured and more than 200 dead.

According to reports, eight bombs placed in hotels and churches across the country exploded on Sunday. The explosions appear to have taken place in or around the country's capital of Colombo. The first incident was reported at Colombo's popular St Anthony's Shrine Catholic church. The second attack was carried out at the St. Sebastian's church located north of the capital. This was followed by reports that a church in the neighboring town of Batticaloa had been hit. In addition, three high-end hotels in Colombo were bombed along with a blast taking place in another nearby church.

The last and final act of terror was reportedly carried out by a suicide bomber in a Colombo suburb.

Although authorities are still gathering information, more than 450 people were harmed and at least 207 people are confirmed dead, including 27 foreigners visiting the country. These numbers are expected to increase as victims succumb to injury and more is learned.

Investigators assume the terrorists were targeting the country's Christians since congregations were celebrating Easter when the explosions took place. No terrorist organization has taken direct responsibility for the bombings, but close to seven people have been arrested in connection to the events.

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