An attack that left multiple people dead at a holiday market in Strasbourg, France has been formally declared terrorism by local government officials.

"Once again, terrorism has struck our territory, in Strasbourg," Paris Prosecutor Rémy Heitz said in a statement Wednesday, per the Washington Post. The attack occurred Tuesday night at "France's largest Christmas market" and ultimately resulted in the death of two people, though some initial reports initially stated higher. According to the latest from local law enforcement, two were killed and another was left "in a vegetative state." At least 13 others were injured, with more than half of them believed to be in critical condition.

Though apparently not publicly identified by police, the suspect is 29-year-old Cherif Chekkatt, who remains at large at the time of this writing and has a reported 27 prior criminal convictions. During the attack, he is alleged to have used a handgun and a knife and was also "shot in the arm" before leaving the scene in a taxi.

Never one to miss an opportunity to say exactly the wrong thing, this purported POTUS decided to use the fatal terrorist attack as a tool in his big dumb border wall marketing plan. The only problem? The suspect has been confirmed as a French citizen, meaning no big dumb border wall would have had any impact on this tragedy at all, dumbasses.