This month, areas of Alaska hit the record for earliest 70-degree ratings, as the entire state continues to experience record warming, The Hill reports.

On March 19, the southeastern Alaskan town of Klawock reached 70 degrees, the state’s earliest reading ever to hit that temperature. Klawock surpassed northeastern cities like Boston for its first 70-degree reading, per CNN.

This weekend, temperatures have reached as high as 50 degrees above normal, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

CNN reviewed NOAA data and found that Alaska has tied or broken 55 records for daily high temperatures since the start of March through March 23.

Anchorage, Alaska is anticipated to reach a high of 46 degrees on Saturday, overtaking southern cities in states like Oklahoma. Alaska also had no snow for all of March, only the second time that’s happened on record.

Other parts of Alaska are warming, too. The town of Kotzebue—north of the Arctic Circle—has set or tied record high minimum temperatures nine times this month.

According to The Hill, “March will be the 29th month since January 2013 to rank in the warmest 10 percent since 1925. April 2013 was the only time since 1925 that Alaska reached the coldest 10 percent.” NOAA has also declared Alaska to be America’s quickest warming state.