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Abigail Arias has fulfilled her dream of becoming a police officer. 

The 6-year-old girl, who is battling a rare form of kidney cancer, was sworn in as an honorary officer for the Freeport Police Department in Texas. Abigail's family was recently told the child's disease is terminal.

"They basically said it's time to enjoy some life," her mother, Ilene Arias, told ABC affiliate KTRK. "Extremely tough. We cried for a few weeks."

Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey was introduced to Abigail back in December during the department's Christmas event. It was at that time Abigail told the chief about her dreams of becoming an officer of the law.

"Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting 'the bad guys' inside of her—I wanted to make her dream come true," Garivey explained. "You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is."

Abigail's wish came true on Thursday. The child showed up at the Freeport Police Department wearing a custom-made police uniform complete with a duty rig and firearm belt. Friends, family, and community members gathered inside the building to watch Abigail take the Freeport police oath.

"I promise to be kind to others. I promise to help others when they need help. I promise to help my police family at all times," she said with her right hand raised. "I now and forever promise to keep fighting the bad guys until all of my cancer is gone."

You can watch the special moment in the video below.