As if the guy who started a wildfire during a gender reveal wasn’t enough, now gender reveal lasagnas are a thing.

On Wednesday, the New Jersey-based eatery Villa Italian Kitchen launched this new, absolutely absurd way of revealing the sex of a baby during a gender reveal party. The lasagnas go for $140 a pop, with the surprise announcement arriving via food dye-colored cheese inside the Italian casserole. The dish also comes with a salad, either garden, Caesar, or Greek, and serves 12 people.

In the photo shared by the restaurant, a woman and man cut into a dry-looking, sauceless lasagna, uncovering a pastel baby blue combination of Alfredo sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese. According to the New York Post, the eatery says the dish is made-to-order and that the pasta comes straight from Italy.

Thankfully, those ordering the gender reveal lasagnas won’t meet a fate like the man who burned down a national forest. The 2017 fire burned around 45,000 acres of Arizona’s Coronado National Forest and caused $8 million in damages. The man—who turned out to be a U.S. Border Patrol agent—took a plea agreement, which included a sentence of five years’ probation, participation in a public service announcement for the Forest Service, and a restitution totaling $8,188,069.