It has effectively made us triggered by the sight of something as harmless as a red balloon. Earlier today, Sam Lee, mayor of the South Carolina city Fountain Inn, informed residents through his Facebook page that "an extensive search of the sewer lines" was being conducted after red balloons were found in sewer drains.  

Given the timing of the discovery of the red balloons, the entire situation screams of an elaborate yet effective Halloween prank. But, as we learned from the 2017 film, you have to take these signs seriously before it's too late. 


Who did this? Lol! Happy Halloween, Fountain Inn!

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We also need to give a shout out to the people tasked with carrying out these sewer searches despite there most likely being a 0.00000001 percent chance that Pennywise is actually the one planting these red balloons. Interestingly, Fountain Inn, the place the red balloons were spotted, is a small town just like the fictional city of Derry, Maine. 

If a real-life Pennywise were to pop up in a random town, Fountain Inn seems like just the place. So, be careful with those sewer checks because something like this could actually happen. Hopefully not, though.