If you have 30 consecutive hours to spare, as well as a penchant for hanging out in coffins, then you stand a chance to gain $300.

The Six Flags in St. Louis will select six competitors for its coffin challenge, in which participants will be tasked with spending 30 hours inside a coffin in celebration of Fright Fest's 30th year. Anyone who successfully completes the coffin challenge will be gifted with a pair of 2019 Gold Season passes and additional park-related prizes, per CBS News. If more than one person manages to last 30 hours in the coffin, a drawing will determine the recipient of that aforementioned $300 haul.

Hourly bathroom breaks, food, snacks, and phone charges will be provided by park staff for the six contestants. Participants are also allowed to pad the coffin with their own pillows and blankets from home. The best part? If you're in need of a coffin, Six Flags is letting the winners keep the ones used during the contest. The coffin contest kicks off Oct. 13.

If you're not planning to be in the St. Louis area around then, or if coffins just aren't your thing, there are plenty of other options for top-tier Halloween pleasures. 2 Chainz, for example, recently linked up with 13 Stories to bring Atlanta a haunted pink traphouse experience. From the looks of it, we would all benefit from a visit.


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