Kylie Jenner Rents Out Six Flags for Travis Scott's Birthday

Kylie had Six Flags decked out to look like Houston's late Astroworld theme park.

Houston’s Astroworld theme park was one of the city’s iconic landmarks up until its closing in 2005. Even though the park is long gone, it had enough of an impact on young Travis Scott to name his forthcoming album after it.

His baby mama Kylie Jenner picked up on Scott’s love of theme parks and rented out Six Flag’s Magic Mountain in L.A. as a surprise two days before he turns 26. Not only did Kylie rent out the entire theme park for Travis and the couple’s friends and family; she also had it decked out in Astroworld signs and memorabilia to commemorate the late Houston amusement park.

The celebration was complete with an elaborate cake that featured Kylie and Travis accompanied by their daughter Stormi riding a roller coaster; Kanye tweeted out an image of the moment early Sunday morning.

One staff member also revealed that those working at the park that day wore custom Astroworld t-shirts, and that the crew enjoyed the rides while slurping on some expensive Don Julio.


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