The black market is a mysterious place where drugs, weapons, and other dangerous things can be purchased by deviant vendors. But there’s something else you could purchase in dark alleys and back doors...waffle mix.

Or at least you could, before Brandon Lee Nelson was arrested earlier this month for stealing a ton of waffle mix. According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Nelson allegedly stole 150 lbs. of waffle mix with the intent of selling it to a slew of buyers.

The 33-year-old reportedly had an entire operation, with a “stream of buyers that would contact him for the waffle mix and he would provide it when contacted,” according to Peachtree City police spokesperson Lt. Odilia Bergh. “He is the seller of waffle mix.”

The Peachtree City man lifted the supply of doughy goods from a storage shed on Aug. 31, in the wee hours of the morning. The five boxes of Golden Malted waffle batter were owned by his former employer, which is how he knew where to find them. Unfortunately for Nelson, he got caught in a sticky situation when surveillance footage exposed him as the suspected thief. He was later arrested on Sept. 10 and charged with burglary. He’s currently out on bond and awaiting a court date.

It’s unclear if Nelson was seeking revenge against his former employer, or just really needed money any way he could get it. It’s hard to imagine stolen waffle mix—150 lbs., at that—being the most lucrative heist, or that people would go anywhere but their local grocery store to buy it, but I guess you’d have to be in the mix to understand.