Detroit police chief James Craig announced Monday that rookie cop Sean Bostwick has been fired over an offensive message he posted on social media over the weekend. "He was terminated," Craig said in a news conference, according to The Detroit News. "This is his last day on our payroll. Tomorrow, he will no longer be a Detroit police officer. He is clear on that."

Craig added: "He did express some remorse, but I certainly advised him in a very strong way that this has placed a stain not just on our department, but the entire organization.

Bostwick’s firing came shortly after he was suspended for posting a photo of himself on Snapchat with the caption, "Another night to Rangel (sic) up these zoo animals," prior to the start of his Sunday shift. He misspelled the word "wrangle." After former Detroit police officer John Bennett discovered the post, he shared it on Facebook, adding, "This is a newly appointed Detroit Police Officer. The caption speaks for itself." 

Bostwick was hired to work for the 12th Precinct in June 2017. He was a probationary officer who was just two months removed from training in the police academy when the photo was posted. Craig says he personally met with Bostwick to inform him of their decision to let him go.