While mostly everyone was gushing about the viral #PlaneBae love story that was live-reported by a couple sitting behind the two people who seemed to be hitting it off after a seat change, the woman who they reported on is not happy about it.

"Without my knowledge or consent, other passengers photographed me and recorded my conversation with a seatmate," read a statement to Business Insider from the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. "They posted images and recordings to social media, and speculated unfairly about my private conduct."

She went on to say how she's been treated since her personal information including her name and social media handles went public.

"Since then, my personal information has been widely distributed online. Strangers publicly discussed my private life based on patently false information. I have been doxxed, shamed, insulted and harassed. Voyeurs have come looking for me online and in the real world," she said, before stating that she's not looking for fame.

"I did not ask for and do not seek attention. #PlaneBae is not a romance - it is a digital-age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics, and consent," she said. "Please continue to respect my privacy, and my desire to remain anonymous."

Rosey Blair, who live-reported the seemingly cute exchange at the time, also shared a statement about her regrets.

"The last thing I want to do is remove agency and autonomy from another woman," she said. "I wish I could communicate the shame I feel in having done this, but I truly feel that at this point my feelings are irrelevant."

Meanwhile, the other half of the #PlaneBae story, Euan Holden seems to be reveling in his newfound fame. After posting a series of Instagram posts alluding to the plane ride, he posted a vlog on YouTube and Twitter about "the positives, negatives, and spreading love."

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