The property manager of Riverset Apartments complex in Memphis, Tennessee was fired after calling the police on a black man that was wearing socks in the building's pool, reports BuzzFeed News

Camry Porter, a resident of the apartment complex, posted a now-viral video of the July 4 incident on Facebook.

Porter, who goes by Kam on Facebook, was enjoying the pool with her two godchildren and her boyfriend, who was wearing socks while he was sitting on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water. Porter wrote in a Facebook post that she "noticed this woman constantly watching us and whispering amongst her friends." The woman, who she said is named Erica Walker, eventually approached them and told Porter's boyfriend that he had to remove his socks because socks, t-shirts, and hats were not permitted in the water.

Porter noted that they have never had a problem at the pool before, even though this is not the first time her boyfriend has worn socks in the water. She also pointed out in the video that several other people in the pool were not wearing permitted attire, including two of Walker's friends. "She said nothing to the other people that [were] not in proper pool attire but chose to say something only to us, the only black family out there," wrote Porter.

She told BuzzFeed that she did not have an issue with Walker asking her boyfriend to remove his socks, but considering the rule was not enforced on other swimmers, she felt like they were being discriminated against. When Porter asked Walker for identification to prove that she actually was the property manager, Walker said, "I’m not about to go back and forward with you. You all need to leave."

Porter then told Walker, "I work too hard to pay this rent to not be able to enjoy the amenities offered so, nope I refuse." Walker then called the police. According to Porter, Walker accused her of "disturb[ing] the peace" by recording the incident. The police did not take further action so "everybody's 4th of July is not ruined."

In a Facebook post from Thursday, Riverset Apartments posted a statement on the incident that read, "After assessing statements from Ms. Porter and determining that this former employee’s actions violate our company’s policies and beliefs, she is no longer employed by Riverset Apartments."

On Friday, they clarified in another statement, "To confirm, Ms. Walker was terminated immediately after we completed our investigation yesterday afternoon. She will never be employed by Trilogy Residential Management, LLC or any of its properties in the future."


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