We know that Trump isn't above name calling, especially when it comes to attacking journalists.

So what happened this time? According to The Hill, Trump called out NBC host Chuck Todd during a campaign rally on Saturday. "Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd, he's a sleeping son of a bitch," Trump told the crowd. He also mentioned his "Meet the Press" interview in 1999, where he originally spoke of "taking out" North Korea nearly 20 years ago.

These hostile remarks followed the President's criticism of how the media covers North Korea who plans to continue nuclear development this year.

The event was in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. Trump expressed his support for Rick Saccone, a Republican state representative running for Congress in a special election this coming Tuesday.

As you'd expect, that wasn't the only troubling statement during his weekend speech. The President emphasized his disdain towards drug dealers, calling them to be persecuted under the death penalty. Who needs Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently when the President has already made it obvious of his stance on the War on Drugs?

Trump's hostility towards Todd during this weekend's rally sets a tone—one that is biased towards anyone working in the media that isn't pro-Trump—that will likely continue into his 2020 presidential campaign. For instance, in October 2016, a reporter with epilepsy was harassed online after criticizing Trump in a Newsweek column.