Two Jersey City cops stormed a Domino's Pizza and assaulted the location's manager after a late delivery, and it was all caught on video, Raw Story reports. The officers entered the restaurant, looking for a manager right away to complain about an order. When the manager, Mena Kirolos, finally appeared from the restaurant's back room, the officers got right in his face to not only complain about the service but also threaten to arrest him.

Kirolos went on to try to explain the reason for the missed delivery, stating a driver had tried to drop it off at the provided location but nobody came to the door to pick it up. The officers seemed dissatisfied with this explanation and proceeded to push the manager up against the wall. In the short clip recorded on a cell phone, one of the officers can even be heard saying "I'll lock you up!" Kirolos then held his arms up and together, daring the officers to make good on their threat. 

Eventually, the officers asked the manager to step outside to have a conversation and it deescalated. The Jersey City Police Department responded to the video by suspending both of the officers involved and charging them with harassment and disorderly conduct.