For some strange reason, there's a fairly large contingent of people who not only love watching pimple popping videos on YouTube, but bring this fascination into their real lives as well, terrorizing their loved ones by poking, pushing, and pinching the epidermic misfortunes and other people's. Now, instead of treating everyone they see like human bubble wrap, the Pop It Pal is a new toy that mimics the feeling of popping a pimple and even comes with refillable fake puss, according to The Insider.

Yeah, I don't know either.

Like any addiction, tools to address it were bound to pop up. Billy and Summer Pierce designed the silicone slab specifically for people who love watching pimple popping videos. It's meant to give the look and feel of removing a real pimple, and comes complete with faux pus for you to squeeze out. It's even available in peach or brown. At $19.99 for the kit, which includes one pus refill and the tool to fill it up, it's the right price for the kind of novelty gift that will make people hate you forever. Sometimes, it's just worth it. 

The company thinks it might be the new fidget spinner, albeit much more disgusting. The idea came from the couple's own obsession with the stomach-churning videos, writing on the official website: “Make no mistake about it, we love that disgusting little habit nobody likes to talk about. It is our unique obsession ... and I have a feeling it might be yours too."

So what happens after the sweet satisfaction of popping the faux pimples and all the pus had been wiped away? You buy more of the yellow goop, priced at just $5.99 a bottle, to do it all over again of course. This isn't the quickest of fixes, though. Wait times for new orders can take up to six weeks, but you can always watch more Dr. Pimple Popper videos in the meantime.