It’s been a year since the tragic video #HurtBae flooded our Twitter feeds with its interview centered on infidelity. The first video where that garbage man tells his beautiful ex-girlfriend that he doesn’t even know how many times he cheated on her. If you haven’t seen the first video, consider yourself lucky. If you want to watch it, here it is.

Even though it seems the internet might never recover from the first #HurtBae video, its producers decided to bring Kourtney and Leonard, the exes, back together for some kind of reunion. The two spend the first couple minutes talking about how much better their lives are since the video. #HurtBae even says at one point to her ex Leonard “you’re not a bad person.” GIRL. You do not have to front for us.

After only a few minutes into the interview, the mood quickly shifts from a conversation woven with fragile empathy to another tense exchange full of lies while a slow, dark piano plays in the background. Leonard at one point says “we were never together.” Whoa! Really dude? Unsurprisingly, it looks like neither of them have really changed after all: Leonard is still showing his ass, and #HurtBae aka Kourtney is still dramatically walking away from the set. On the upside, #HurtBae said she's moved on and found love again. That's good, she deserves it. 

Did we need this? No. Are people still gonna watch it? Obviously. Watch the full video above.