As we close out the first quarter of 2017, it's clear one of the wildest trends of the year has been stories of infidelity and traveling for a failed hookup going viral. This isn't something that's new, necessarily; humans gravitate towards stories like this, but there's something about these stories that go viral on Twitter and are turned into hashtags almost automatically. It's a wild trend, and feels like it's not going anywhere any time soon.

If you're looking at this like "wait, what the hell is this idiot talking about," as always, I've got some receipts. From #HurtBae and her cheating ex-beau to #UberBae and her epic story of driving her (now ex-)boyfriend's side chick to his apartment, here's a primer on the #Baes of 2017.


When: Feb. 15

The #HurtBae phenomenon took the world by storm when this post-Valentine's Day video form The Scene depicted a former couple talking about the trust issues and cheating that plagued their relationship. Truth be told, it was dude's brutal honesty about how Leonard dogged his ex Kourtney out, including how he "wasn't counting" how many times he cheated on her, that had people tripping.


This is a photo of Stranded Bae.
Image via Twitter

When: Feb. 19

Less than a week later, a woman by the name of M'Kalia took to Twitter to unleash the story of how her man left her stranded at the airport while he was out with his squad and another woman, turnt up and Snapping their night out. It included highlights like the shirt with her face on it that he got made, a mouse that was apparently chilling in his house (and got a number of parody Twitter accounts), and much, much more. We even got both sides of this insane story of broken hearts and missed flights.


When: Feb. 22

A few days later, Twitter was ablaze once again over a woman in some fierce thigh-high boots straight-up denying the advance of a woman who was walking up to her man during a date auction. Homegirl in the red boots became a symbol of holding onto yours, although from what the denied woman Jordan says, she was actually more interested in her #BootBae.


Image via Instagram

When: March 27

About a month after the Great #Bae Trends of February 2017, we got an epic tale from Bree, who had the unfortunate distinction of being the Uber driver who ended up picking up her boyfriend's side chick and drove her to his apartment. As you could imagine, all hell ensued, with #UberBae screaming on her boyfriend and ultimately scuffling with the side chick after she stepped to her. It went viral within hours of her sharing the story, but #UberBae did tell us that she's "definitely not posting anything else."