One could reasonably assume that visiting first responders and wounded survivors of last week’s terrible high school shooting would put someone out of a partying mood. But not President Donald Trump and first lady Melania, apparently, who did exactly that hours before attending a party at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, according to HuffPost.

The shooting in Parkland, Florida, which resulted in 17 dead students and teachers, was carried out by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz last Wednesday. After meeting survivors of the worst high school shooting in the country’s history, the Trumps went to a Studio 54-themed disco party at Mar-a-Lago, located just 30 minutes from Parkland.

A photo shows the two of them socializing at Trump’s Florida resort. “Please take note that the President did NOT dance,” Instagram user Sean Bianca wrote, according to HuffPost. Bianca is the one who shared the photo that was later removed. “He and the First Lady were there for a short time but neither was dancing around as one should have expected. Their mood was somber and they were there for a very short time.”

The news of his attendance came after White House aide Jennifer Jacobs announced that Trump would not be playing golf on Saturday to “respect the dead and the mourners.”

It’s unclear whether the appearance came before or after the President decided to fire off a flurry of tweets, including one that blamed the FBI’s Russia Investigation for the fatal shooting.

In the aftermath of the shooting, survivors and victims' families are continuing to call out Trump for not addressing the NRA or gun control. They are planning a demonstration in Washington called the March For Our Lives on March 24, according to ABC. They are inviting students, teachers, and parents from across the country to join them as they pressure the government for stricter gun control laws.