America owes black women a huge thank you for basically saving the country last night. The awesome demonstration of black girl magic in Alabama managed to swing the pivotal Senate election there, forcing the GOP’s favorite racist/alleged pedophile, Roy Moore, to take several seats—except the one he was vying for, of course.

According to this morning’s exit polls, 17 percent of voters were black women, and 98 percent of those women voted for pro-choice, anti-wall, non–child-molesting Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Meanwhile, white women, who accounted for 31 percent of voters, voted in favor of Moore by an embarrassing 63 percent. WTF, Karen?! Before last night, an Alabama Democrat had not been elected to the Senate in 25 years.

Since America is generally bad at validating the accomplishments of black people, and is even worse at acknowledging those of black women, thank god we have Twitter (I see you, @robinthead) to keep things one hundred.

And in case you missed it last night on CNN, here's a GIF of strategist and political commentator Symone D. Sanders not taking any of Ed Martin's bullshit as the two participated in a panel discussion about the race. It's pretty much the perfect visual representation of the election itself.