A 440 lb. tiger that was strolling around the streets of Paris for "some time" was shot and killed on Friday afternoon by its shotgun-wielding owner, who worked for the apparently incompetent circus that it escaped from. The extremely large cat was gunned down in an alley roughly a mile south of the Eiffel Tower, next to a bridge that takes you across the river Seine.

After the tiger was killed, local police tweeted out that "all the danger was over." Now that's not really relevant if you live on the other side of the Atlantic, but it's still a little odd to see them tweet out a tiger emoji along with their message:

According to an anonymous Paris police official, the tiger was actually loose for some time before meeting its end. Despite that, no injuries of any kind were reported, besides the death of the tiger. Instead, residents who lived in the area where the shooting occurred circulated pictures of the animal's dead body on social media, with many of them expressing their anger over the fact that it was killed.

The tiger was formerly a part of the Bormann Moreno circus, which had set up shop in anticipation of shows set to begin on December 3. Police have both taken the feline's owner into custody, in addition to opening up an investigation.