Three grotesque as fuck neo-Nazis were arrested late Thursday after one of them fired a shot into a crowd following the widely protested Richard Spencer speech at University of Florida. The Gainesville Police Department confirmed the arrest of 28-year-old Tyler Tenbrink, 30-year-old William Fears, and 28-year-old Colton Fears—all from Texas—in a press release Friday. The men are currently being held at the Alachua County Jail on attempted homicide charges. Tenbrink, described as a "convicted felon," also faces possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charges.

According to police, a report was received shortly before 5:30 p.m. local time alleging that a silver Jeep had stopped to "argue" with protesters near a bust stop. The men in the vehicle then started "threatening, offering Nazi salutes, and shouting chants about Hitler" to the protesters. At one point, Tenbrink is alleged to have pulled out a handgun. The Fears brothers told him to shoot into the crowd. According to the police report, the Fears brothers also shouted "Kill them!"  Tenbrink fired a single shot into the crowd, missing the protesters, before all three men left the scene in the silver Jeep.


"I am amazed that immediately after being shot at, a victim had the forethought to get the vehicle's license number," GPD officer and spokesperson Ben Tobias said. "That key piece of information allowed officials from every level of multiple agencies to quickly identify and arrest these persons. This was an amazing team effort by everyone involved." 

Both Fears brothers are under a $1 million bond, while Tenbrink is under a $3 million bond. Tenbrink has already admitted to firing the shot. At least two of the three men, police said, are in some way connected to unnamed extremist groups.

Thankfully, Thursday also saw the photographed decking of a neo-Nazi dipshit with outrageously bad facial hair.

Trump immediately spoke out against the actions of these neo-Nazis, urging the nation to reject hate and to halt neo-Nazism at every turn.

Just kidding. That is not a thing that will happen.