After you've spent the better part of an hour gazing into the comforting sense of despair on the neo-Nazi's face in the breathtakingly gorgeous photo above, you should probably go ahead and immortalize that feeling by scouring Amazon for an affordable frame. This is museum-level photography, folks. It's a truly soul-affirming work of art.

The feat of photography, featuring an ugly neo-Nazi with hideous facial hair in a wrinkled ass white tee, was captured amid protests of previously punched neo-Nazi Richard Spencer at the University of Florida Thursday. Just for fun, here's some Rage Against the Machine-soundtracked footage of Spencer getting decked back in January:

Beautiful. Anyway, for Thursday's gathering of cowardly white men no one wants to fuck, Spencer was asked about the poetic punch seen above and was repeatedly interrupted during his speech at Phillips Center by those on the right side of history (i.e. people not down with neo-Nazis). Some protesters expressed disgust at local law enforcement for providing protection for Spencer's event. "This is what happens, you protect the fascists," one protester said, according to the Daily Beast. "I'm aggrieved, I'm appalled, I'm angry. I feel betrayed by my state, by my city, by my university."


Though video of the punching of the unidentified neo-Nazi in the photo up top exists, it doesn't provide quite a clear enough look at the fist-to-face meetings for it to be memed, GIF'd, and/or remixed to the sounds of Rage Against the Machine.

Did I mention someone asked Spencer what it felt like to get punched? Here's the footage:

Thankfully, Spencer's requests to hold similarly stupid events at campuses across the country have been repeatedly denied.