If you’ve ever wanted to split your time between two different countries, here’s a strange chance to live out your dreams. Brian and Joan Dumoulin are selling an incredibly unique home which happens to be right on the Canadian and American border. That’s right, the house is on both United States and Canuck soil, specifically in a quiet location between Vermont and Quebec. Brian Dumoulin originally grew up in the house years ago, but has since modified the 7000-square foot building and turned it into five different rental units. Now the family is looking to unload the place to a willing buyer who is comfortable with potentially complicated border laws. 

According to some great reporting from the folks over at HuffPost, the structure was built in its wild location in order to allow easy trade to customers in both Vermont and Quebec. Since fur pelts aren’t necessarily a hot commodity in 2017, the house has naturally transitioned into apartments. While the Dumoulins have luckily obtained dual citizenship, they’re looking to move closer to their grandchildren who live in Ontario. As for the building itself - which is known around town as the Old Stone Store, the list of potential buyers overwhelmingly reside in the United States. The only Canadian inquiry came from a man in Toronto, who naturally was concerned but intrigued by the situation. "He was inquiring more about the border situation and if he bought it, what are his rights. I put him in touch with the Border Patrol,' the Dumoulins’ real estate agent, Rosemary Lalime, told Huffpost.

Thankfully, since the listing went up, media outlets in both Canada and the U.S. have featured the home and have created some interest from would-be buyers. Since the word got out, the owners have had a steady stream of phone calls and viewings - even if border patrol agents give them a hard time in the process. According to Lalime and her clients, showing the place has proven to be... interesting. Depending on where people stand upon visiting the building, they’ll have to report to a certain border patrol post. Hopefully, someone with the patience to deal with all of that will make an offer. If not, hopefully someone who enjoys the novelty of the situation will pull through.