If you've ever had to travel in Melbourne peak-hour traffic to get to work in the morning, chances are you’ve looked for anything to distract yourself. Drivers in Macleod yesterday morning got exactly that, with two kangaroos deciding to reignite the spark in their relationship and experiment with a public display of roo-ting.

A picture, shared to 3AW yesterday morning, shows commuters in a four-wheel drive loving every second of the action they’re seeing. The kangaroos appear to be loving the attention from onlookers too, and we can only appreciate the driver’s discipline to let the job get done and refuse to cockblock.

The Macleod driver, telling 3AW's "Rumour Files" yesterday morning, claimed that they couldn't move past the desecration of our coat-of-arms taking place in front of them, with the action happening in the middle of the road. The photo, however, clearly shows the deed occurring well off to the side, with plenty of room to drive around. But hey, whatever floats your boat, dude.