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Is this what people mean when they say we're living in the "golden age of television"? Apparently, somebody in Ontario is taking the aforementioned term rather literally. Last month, a worker at a recycling plant in Barrie discovered a large sum of cash in an old television set. Just how much was being stowed away in the forgotten piece of junk? Upon further investigation, it's believed that over $100,000 in Canadian bills was tucked inside the body of an vintage TV box. Speaking with CTV News, plant manager Rick Deschamps, said that "there was like, four stacks of $50 bills, and I knew it was a large amount of money”. 

Incredibly, the worker quickly reported the cash to regional police, keeping none of it for herself. Along with the lump sum of money, police found documents lining the object which led to a 68-year-old man in nearby Bolsover, Ontario. After interviewing the lucky dude who somehow forgot about the treasure, the anonymous gentlemen said that he had placed it there for family inheritance. Even wilder, was that the television was given to a family friend and everyone involved were none the wiser to the television's secret significance. The TV and its contents were eventually thrown away, and up until the fateful discovery in January, buried under a giant scrap heap.

Billed as a "strange discovery" in the official police release, the event sure had a happy ending for the TV's original owner. Meanwhile, the recycling plant worker's quick response and move to report the cash was praised by her management team. Speaking again with CTV News, ​the company VP had plenty of kind words to say. “She’s representative of all our employees and it’s what we stand for and this kind of behaviour is really what we would expect from everyone here”.

It's an honest end to a whirlwind story that has us all checking our inherited furniture. Who knows, maybe there's something hiding inside grandpa's old chesterfield?