A high school in Connecticut was on lockdown this morning—but, fortunately, for a less dangerous situation than usual. The cause of the lockdown? A student was "making basketball type moves," according to police. A staff member told officers that a student "raised his fist" like he was going to punch her, but police found out that the teenager was actually just "making believe that he was dunking a basketball." 

Did the 'dunk cam'—shown in the video above—lead to the school's lockdown? It sure sounds like it.

According to WTNH, Hamden High School in Connecticut was placed on lockdown around 7 a.m. this morning because of "an altercation" between a student and a staff member. Principal Nadine Ganon told a Hamden police officer that she had put the school on lockdown, and warned that the student responsible was still inside of the high school.

The staff member told police that she was walking down a school hallway when she noticed a male student running towards her. According to the staff member, the teenager "raised his fist" like he was going to hit her, so she sped up and immediately told other staff members about the situation, which led to the lockdown. After about 40 minutes, the lockdown ended before 8 a.m. and students resumed their normal school day.

After looking into the incident, police concluded that the student who was running in the hallway was just "making basketball type moves," and when the staff member turned around and noticed him, the student was "making believe that he was dunking a basketball." 

Maybe this is how it went down:

Is this video below from the incident?

Or is this one?

This one?

Who knows? Be careful about who you dunk on.