One pissed off husband caught his wife of 18 years cheating on him when he sent a drone to follow her. The drone footage, narrated by the husband, has gained over seven million views on YouTube since being posted Monday. However, few were surprised, as everybody already figured out being faithful in a relationship was a myth when National Geographic released its video of a husband penguin catching his cheating wife and fighting her new man only to get rejected, twice.  

Before it gets to the cheating drone footage, the man, identifying himself only by his YouTube handle Yaog, explains he found his wife was cheating just a few blocks from the couple’s home. Yaog wrote in the video’s description that someone had told him something was going on. He tried unsuccessfully to follow her, so he decided to use the drone.

In the video, Yaog says he knew something was up when he saw she didn’t take her regular route to go to work. “If you watch carefully you’re gonna be able to see 18 years go right down the fucking drain,” Yaog says when his wife appears to kiss the driver in a car that pulls up, before hopping in. Yaog confirms the kiss in his update video.

“It’s not healthy for a relationship to have that skepticism, because once that honesty goes out the window there is no relationship. So I don’t think a reconciliation is going to work,” Yaog said. The man has since revealed his identity to the Daily Mail, identifying himself as John G. of Northern Pennsylvania. He told the Daily Mail he was worried for the couple’s two teenage kids, but that he was filing for divorce.