Ever since the clown hysteria started raging, people have shared ideas about what they would do if they ever encountered a clown. For example, Conor McGregor said he would "slap the head off" a clown and a Texas cop suggested popping a cap in a clown. But now, people dressed as clowns are finding out the hard way that those threats aren't just words as a boy dressed as a clown in Germany was stabbed after trying to scare people recently and a man dressed as a clown in California was pistol-whipped for doing the same thing.

In Berlin, Germany, a 16-year-old boy thought it would be funny to scare his friends by putting on a clown mask. But the joke turned out to be on him. According to the Guardian, when the boy, who was wearing a mask and holding a hammer, came at his friends, a 14-year-old busted out a knife and stabbed the clown. Once the 14-year-old realized the clown was his friend, he provided first aid before the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital. It's not a situation either teen hoped to be in, but they're both alive and at least their clown craziness wasn't caught on film.

Sadiq Mohammad, on the other hand, can't say the same. The 20-year-old does pranks on his YouTube channel, HoodClips, according to the Daily Mail. But his latest stunt didn't go so well. In Stockton, California, Mohammad put on a clown costume, grabbed a saw, and went out to scare people. 

In the video above, you can see that some people weren't phased at all by the clown. A lady at a drive-thru window simply started laughing at him. But others weren't amused. When he walked up on a group of three dudes, one of the guys threw a drink can at him before running away. The clown also approached a kid shooting hoops, who threw his basketball at the clown before sprinting off. 

But near the end of the video, Mohammad's fun came to an end. He was hiding in the bushes before popping out to scare a guy walking down the sidewalk. The man was totally undaunted by the clown. Without flinching, he said, "Bruh, you gonna do that shit in Stockton, bruh? That shit dumbass played out, bruh."

Then he stepped toward the clown and put his hand under his jacket. "I got something. Don't run, bitch," he said as the clown backed up. Then, he busted out a gun from his waistband and pistol-whipped the clown, knocking him down into the bushes. 

As you might expect, it started to get a little too real for Mohammad, so as he was falling to the ground, he explained, "It's a prank! There's a camera right there!"

But the dude didn't care. "I oughtta pop your dumbass," he said while pointing his gun at Mohammad. He then turned toward the camera, but that's all we see because the camera man turned and ran as the camera cut off.

According to KCRA, Mohammad didn't file a police report and said that he would like to apologize to the guy if they ever meet again.

"Lesson learned is, people don’t play with the clown stuff," Mohammad told KCRA. "Like, people really will shoot anybody."