Note to all those people involved in the creepy clown craze: Stay as far away from Conor McGregor as possible. That is, unless you're looking to get your head slapped off. 

In an interview with Lad Bible, McGregor sent out a warning to any creepy clown who would dare come near him. "Yeah I've seen people dressing up as clowns or something," Conor said. "If one came near me I would slap the head off one." The Notorious took a step further, revealing what else he would to these individuals. "I mean you see one jumping out in front of you screaming in your face, I'd slap the head off him," he said. "I'd take the mask off him and stick it up his ass."

In fact, McGregor is warning everyone in a clown mask and/or suit. Don't get anywhere near the UFC featherweight champion. "Just don't come near me in a clowns mask," McGregor said. "Don't come near me period or I'll slap the head off you anyway, but if you're in a clown suit I'll slap the head off you even more so." 

Over the last couple months, this clown trend has slowly started to sweep the nation with sightings occurring everywhere from Florida to Pennsylvania to Texas. However, there have also been instances where these clowns have learned the hard way that there are certain people you don't mess with. The Notorious is one of those people. 

McGregor is set to face Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November. 


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