Tonight's showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will likely set Twitter off, as it's expected to be the most-watched presidential debate in television history. In 2012, more people than ever before—more than 46 million households—watched Romney and Obama square off, and 10 million tweets were sent off during the debate. So as the two campaigns (both of which love to use Twitter themselves) get ready for tonight, here are some of the best tweets to get yourself ready for the fireworks.

Some people are getting their popcorn ready, excited for the show:

Others aren't so geeked about tonight:

Many on Twitter aren't happy that the debate moderator won't be fact-checking the candidates, especially with how often Trump lies. 

Debate moderator Lester Holt of NBC News is a registered Republican, but, given the craziness of this election, that's low on people's list of concerns.

Others are preparing themselves for bingo and drinking games, or, you know, just drinking:

One user thinks Twitter shouldn't just be used by viewers—but also the candidates themselves:

Another is just happy we can get our minds off Kim Kardashian for a while:

Tonight's debate is gonna be wild—and the reactions on Twitter will be too.