An astutely designed blow-up sex doll can likely make for a fine companion. Who are we to judge? Lest we forget, Lars and the Real Girl, starring a lifelike doll named Bianca, is noted puppy-saver Ryan Gosling at his finest. So we should probably take it easy on the Mashable-discovered cops in East Amsterdam who rushed to rescue a woman in lingerie, only to discover she was (you guessed it!) a blow-up doll.

Police were called to the apartment by concerned neighbors Tuesday who were worried about the "motionless woman" in the window, according to Dutch News. Responding officers then closely evaluated the situation, noting that the woman was indeed motionless. After the woman failed to respond to their attempts at getting her attention, the officers grabbed a defibrillator and proceeded to break down the door.

The blow-up doll offered no greeting or acknowledgement of the officers' presence, forcing them to quickly realize their error. "It was a lifeless woman," police later wrote on Facebook. "Made of plastic and filled with air." To prevent future incidents of breaking down a door to just rescue a blow-up sex doll, the cops moved the companion away from the window. But, again, who are we to judge?

Blow-up adult companions have been known to cause a ruckus or two in recent years, including that time brave Turkish divers risked it all to save a blow-up doll from drowning in the Black Sea in 2012. After discovering the person was not, you know, a person, local authorities promptly deflated and discarded the blow-up doll.