Americans spent over $2 billion on Easter candy last year, and with good reason. The stuff is amazing—who cares if it induces diabetes on the spot? Do you remember all of the hours you spent laboring over tie-dyed eggs as a kid? Of course you don’t. You were too busy spiking your blood sugar.

Unlike Halloween, you didn’t have to go from door to door begging strangers for candy. Instead, you were presented with a massive bouquet of confectionery gifts, the stuff a hyperactive child's dreams are made of. Or, if you actually wanted to work for your sugar, the Easter egg hunt allowed you to do just that.

Although years of consuming these treats may have led to unwanted trips to the dentist, we regret nothing, and we'll continue to indulge as long as we live.

In preparation for the molars we'll soon have to excavate, we present the 12 Best Easter Candies of All-Time.

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