Twinning sisters Haley and Emily Ferguson raised a few eyebrows for being essentially the same person and both trying to win that coveted rose from Ben on The Bachelor, but they’ve met their match. A different set of twins appeared on an Australian talk show called The Insight to reveal that they not only only look alike, they share the same boyfriend.

According to Esquire, 30-year-old sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque live with their boyfriend, who is a fraternal twin, in the same room in their mom’s house and it works for them. "We've had separate boyfriends before, but they didn't understand our closeness. Ben understands we want to be together all the time," one of them (we nor the show are sure who) said. The unidentified twin added, "He understands the twin thing and the very close bond we have with each other." Apparently, "too close for comfort" is a nonexistent phrase in their world.

In order to remain looking exactly alike, the women have spent almost $250,000 on cosmetic surgeries over the last decade, Perth Now reports. That dedication even extends to fertility. Pregnancy might not be on the to do list yet but they’ve already got a plan on how to handle it when it does come up. "We would have to be exactly the same—even if we went through IVF at the same time," they told the publication.

An odd situation like this is bound to garner a strong internet reaction and they’ve already received their fair share of insults. However, they’re taking it all in stride. "We are happy with our lives. That’s how we want to live and we are not hurting anybody," they said.