Many strange things have come out of Florida and we hope that trend never ends. What would we be without stories about a massive cocaine shipment washing up on a South Florida Beach or a man busted for tossing an alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window? While these sordid tales point out the astonishingly absurd predicaments Floridians tend to find themselves in, a woman visiting one of the Sunshine State’s most famous parks is gaining notoriety for something that’s surprisingly normal.

Jordan Alexander is making headlines for the angry picture she took during the Splash Mountain ride at Walt Disney World. According to Inside Edition, she did not like the fact that her husband Steven refused to join her on her favorite ride and she made it known in the picture captured just before a big drop. "He is not a ride's guy but he promised me and he promised me he would go," she said. "I was not happy."

Despite the convincing death stare, Jordan says she made that facial expression in jest. "I thought it would kind of be funny if my husband had a memento of how mad he made me," she added. "I practiced my face the whole ride. I wanted to get it right but I didn't have a mirror, so I just had to frown my brow, make a face, and just hope for the best."

She may not have had a companion for the ride but now she’s got her very own meme. #AngrySplashMountainLady. 

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