This gives a whole new meaning to Florida's white, sandy beaches. 

The Miami New Times reports a couple was walking  along a beach near Jupiter Island, Florida when they stumbled upon 20 kilos of cocaine wrapped wrapped in black plastic that had washed ashore and called the cops. That much coke would be worth $2 million on the streets and around $600,000 wholesale. 

Somewhat hilariously, because this is Florida after all,  the news station that first reported the haul didn't even make the massive cocaine find the lead of their story about local law enforcement drug confiscations—maybe because it's not all that uncommon in the state where Cocaine Cowboys jumped off.

An off-duty Florida cop hooked $12 million worth of cocaine while fishing off the coast of Englewood Beach just last August. Even in Martin County where this new cocaine was found, deputies remembered that 10 kilos had washed ashore there in 2010.

Deputies also said that it looks like the Scarface-esque cocaine heyday of 1980s Florida isn't necessarily that long gone. 

"The fact that we had such a large amount of cocaine wash ashore here in Martin County is a clear indication trafficking routes have not changed and major amounts of coke still coming to South Florida," a spokesman said.

Of course, Florida isn't the only Gulf Coast state where drugs are just floating around in the ocean. Last year, authorities in Texas said that 66 pounds of the stuff washed ashore near Galveston.