Baseball is considered America’s favorite past time but given our love for public fighting (and all fighting in general), it might be time to change that title. Case in point: an augment during a child’s birthday party which turned into a 12-person MMA event.

Connecticut police are investigating after a major brawl broke out at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Manchester on Sunday evening. According to PIX11, the fight started between two women near a carousel. NBC Connecticut reports that the dispute may have begun after they bumped into each other.

Police say 12 were involved and two children suffered minor injuries after being knocked down. Witnesses say it took "some time" for cops to arrive and the suspects had fled by then. Authorities are reviewing surveillance footage to identify those people.

Chuck E. Cheese released a statement on Monday, saying their establishment is a wholesome place for families:

 "We are regretful of the situation. Our cast immediately called the authorities once the altercation went from verbal to physical. We are working closely with the authorities to provide our surveillance footage. The safety of our guests and cast members is our number one priority. We are sorry this happened. We are usually a place for food and fun and family and we work hard to provide a positive, wholesome atmosphere for guests."

This would never happen at daycare. Oh wait.