It’s hard to imagine what Tyler Durden might have been like as a toddler but one former daycare worker endeavored to find out. A Virginia woman was found guilty of child abuse after starting what prosecutors called a “baby fight club.”



Sarah Jordan was convicted of seven felonies and six misdemeanors after authorities say she forced children as young as one and two years old to fight, WUSA9 reports. "The teacher was making him the class bully made to fight. It was hard to hold back tears, emotional, it was very deep," concerned parent Blake Buckner said of his son.

Other offenses include making kids eat flaming hot Cheetos, calling one little girl ugly and spraying kids who were afraid of water in the face with a hose. When asked why she participated in the abuses that lasted eight months, Jordan said it was all for "entertainment."

She will be sentenced in May and faces a maximum 41 years in prison.