Engaging in a heated physical dispute in the middle of traffic is, in almost every possible scenario, a terrible idea. However, the two gentlemen in the tweeted video above would clearly disagree. The clip, originally shared by @NoelDeric before making its way elsewhere, purports to show two road-raging individuals in Austin employing some seemingly mismatched weapons: a baseball bat and a large stick.

"I just didn't expect this to happen," Noel Esquivel tells KVUE. "I just pulled out my phone." Local authorities are reportedly searching for the unidentified individual wielding the bat as part of what has now been declared an aggravated assault investigation.

Though it should definitely go without saying, don't try this at home and/or in traffic. There are certainly far more inspiring things to do when on the road. In the meantime, join the world in waiting patiently for some genius to add a couple of lightsabers to this footage.