21 Savage Gets Into Heated Argument With 6ix9ine and Wack 100 on Clubhouse

A conversation between 21 Savage and 6ix9ine on the social media platform Clubhouse turned heated after Wack 100 threatened to beat up the Atlanta rapper.

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A conversation between 21 Savage and 6ix9ine on Clubhouse got heated Thursday when Wack 100 threatened to whoop the Atlanta rapper’s ass.

An audio recording of the exchange was shared to social media courtesy of Akademiks, who also was present in the Clubhouse room. The tension began when 21 accused Wack of being “lame” for appearing with 6ix9ine on the debut episode of Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast earlier this week.

“I’d say you lame for agreeing with anything that n***a [6ix9ine] say,” 21 said.

“OK, so when you say, ‘lame,’ ’cause y’all lingo a little different, what you mean by ‘I’m lame,’ what you mean?” Wack asked.

“Like I don’t agree with it,” 21 replied. “I just feel like a gangsta and a rat can’t agree on nothing in life. I don’t give a damn how right a n***a is.”

“So a gangsta and a rat shouldn’t communicate, right?” Wack inquired.

“Not really ’cause of the industry that we in, I say, like, I wouldn’t really say that,” 21 said. “But I say I ain’t finna agree with what no n***a say about no other n***a like how you said that you agree with him that I was s’posed to run up on him in the club. First of all, on my kids, I did not see that n***a in the club.”

After letting 21 speak his piece, Wack chose violence.

“21, respectfully nephew, I know you and we always been solid,” Wack 100 explained. “Me and you both know if you was standing in front me right now, you wouldn’t have that energy. N***a, I will beat yo muthafuckin’ little ass, you little biddy ass boy!” 

“I will beat yo muthafuckin’ ass, n***a,” Wack added. “We can get down, Blood! I come to Atlanta, you can come to L.A. We can get down wherever you want to get down — I will beat yo ass! You gonna respect me, n***a and you getting outta line. I will fuck you up, n***a!

Wack continued talking shit while 6ix9ine egged things on, but it wasn’t enough to provoke 21 into accepting his invitation to fight. Instead, Savage appeared to take the threats in stride, merely telling Wack to “say less.”

The argument comes just a day after Wack and 6ix9ine appeared on Akademiks’ podcast where they discussed what it really means to be “street” in the world of hip-hop.

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