Sha Money XL Responds to Wack 100's Claim That The Game Helped Write 50 Cent's "What Up Gangsta"

In a conversation on Clubhouse, Wack 100 claimed The Game helped write 50 Cent's massive song "What Up Gangsta" off of 'Get Rich or Die Trying.'

Music Manager "Wack 100" attends The Games special screening

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Music Manager "Wack 100" attends The Games special screening

Sha Money XL says Wack 100 is lying about The Game helping write the intro for Get Rich or Die Trying, “What Up Gangsta.”

After Wack 100 said that The Game helped write 50 Cent’s iconic intro track on Clubhouse, 50’s longtime collaborator Sha Money XL spoke up on social media and said that Wack’s claim was “all lies.”

sha money xl says wack 100 lying

“all 🧢🧢🧢🧢 all lies all for attention,” Sha wrote in the comments of a post about Wack’s comments.

In the audio clip from the conversation between The Game, Wack, and others, someone asks if it’s true that 50 Cent wrote a large portion of the bars on the former G-Unit rapper’s 2005 album The Documentary.After Game clarifies that Fif only wrote the lyrics that he raps on the album, Wack interjects to insinuate that the West Coast rapper actually helped write one of 50’s biggest songs.

“I’m going to speak on something you don’t never speak on,” Wack says. “‘What up cuz, what up Blood, what up Gangsta.’ Who you think wrote that? I’mma leave it alone. Bro just don’t be beating his chest.”

The Game jumps back in to highlight all of the writing credits he has on other artists’ work that might not appear in a Wiki search. He even suggests he helped pen Get Rich or Die Trying.

“All this shit that I’ve assisted my pen with on Aftermath, from Dr. Dre records to being in there on the G-Unit albums and being in there writing on the middle to tail end of Get Rich or Die Trying, I ain’t never said ‘Yo, I wrote this certain song,’” Game explains. “I don’t give a fuck about that my nigga.”

50 Cent has said in past interviews that he gave an early version of his second studio album, The Massacre, to The Game, who later turned it into his project The Documentary.

“The first record that I wrote that was supposed to be my second album, I did it so fast,” 50 told XXL in an interview. “It was like three days, over a weekend. I recorded 12 records, but they were all two verses. They were incomplete songs and I knew I had to go back to come up with something to bring the lyrics all the way to standard, but I got what I was trying to get out. The concepts where there. The choruses were playin’. The outline for the album was there. But it had happened so fast that I was like, maybe I should just keep writing.”

He explained that Dr. Dre had introduced him to The Game right after he was signed, and then 50 blessed the new recruit with the project.

“They said, ‘The kid can rap, but he’s not a great songwriter,’” 50 said. “When Jimmy called for me to do it I was like, ‘Alright, cool, I’ll fix it,’ and I gave it [to Game]. I only worked with him for about, I think, four days.”

The ClubHouse conversation started with Game saying that there is no rapper alive better than him and challenging 50 to a Verzuz battle.

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“The only person that makes sense to even go at me or exist on a Verzuz stage with me is 50,” he said. “So if 50 ain’t gon’ do it then it won’t be done.”

With the same energy, a snippet from The Game’s upcoming appearance on Drink Champs reveals that the rapper would have loved to perform at this year’s Super Bowl alongside Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Dr. Dre.

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“If I could have hit the stage, or if niggas would’ve called me, it’s crazy cause niggas got my number and shit,” the rapper said in the clip above. “But it’s good. But if I could be on stage, I think ‘How We Do’ or ‘Hate it or Love it’ would’ve been safe.”

The Game’s episode of Drink Champs will air on Revolt on Thursday night.

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