After your inevitable move to New York City to further your career of standing outside of buildings to get street styled and then tweet about it, you’ll realize three things:

1. Yes, all these people are assholes.

2. Only stand outside of buildings on cobblestone streets when it’s slightly overcast because that’s the best natural light and cobblestones are just straight up fucking classy.

3. You WILL start smoking.

Every person I know that has moved to New York City to work in fashion has started smoking within approximately 32 minutes. Do you already smoke? HOORAY! YOU’RE ALREADY HALF WAY TO YOUR DREAM JOB! AND EMPHYSEMA! So, what am I here for? I’m here to let you know what your cigarettes of choice say to the rest of the world. Hold on to your black lung, kids, because shit's about to get really real.

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