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Earlier this year, the Whitaker Group announced the return of its Free Game program by way of a special six-part series featuring the Black Community Business Advisory (BCBA).

The Free Game series, as founder James Whitner detailed last year, is designed to help others be equipped in the art of avoiding business-related “potholes” and other obstacles.

“Free Game is about providing information to help people navigate and avoid potholes in business,” Whitner, who previously linked up with former Adidas Global CMO and board member Eric Liedtke for a Free Game event, said at the time. “It’s something that I wish I had growing up so we’re just trying to do our part in making it happen.”

Kicking off the new six-part series with the BCBA in June was a discussion focused on managing credit for both personal and business finances, complete with a range of industry experts. From there, Whitner and the team turn the topic to the development of brand identity.

For more info on each installment of the series, including how to participate, see below for a periodically updated breakdown.