New York’s own Telfar Clemens is taking things global on a whole different scale, as he has been announced as the designer of Liberia’s Olympic uniforms. 

The Liberian-American’s brand Telfar announced that it is set to be the official sponsor of the Liberian National Team on Monday in an Instagram caption. 

“Watch the OPENING CEREMONY [July 23] of the 2021 OLYMPICS to see the FUTURE,” the post read. “Our Runway. Run way. THANK YOU @matadi and Kouty Mawenh — WE ALL- WE READY – WE WON – WE ALL READY WON. 🥇🥇 #REPATRIATION.”

The post showed off the new uniform, which featured a blue and white colorway, a star across the side of the chest and the Olympics logo on the uniform’s sleeves. The unisex design features a one-shouldered tank and track pants/shorts, as the New York Times reports. 

Clemens told the NYT that he was on board with designing the uniforms and being a sponsor almost right off the bat, asg the sponsorship is the largest outside investment Telfar has made. The report claims that he and artistic director Babak Radboy had been wanting to work on athletic clothing for a bit. 

“They might have been surprised by some of it,” Clemens said. “But I haven’t heard a no. Just excitement.”

Clemens said that the collection will debut during the Olympics and he’ll make a limited collection of athletic wear available on his website, with other “evergreen” workout wear dropping in September.