Saweetie is Complex’s latest cover star, so it’s only fair we sat down with her to discuss her GOATs—from sneakers to clothing brands to even which Nicki Minaj track she thinks sits on the throne of her discography. 

During the latest GOAT Talk segment, the Cali rapper also reveals that her GOAT rapper—based on “inspiration” above anything else—is none other than West Coast legend Tupac Shakur. And her reasoning runs deep. 

“For inspiration, I’m saying 2Pac,” Saweetie said. “My mom, my dad would play him almost every day, morning, afternoon, and night. And I love that he really loved women and made you proud to be a Black woman. He made you proud to be in your skin. And I think people like that is really important, especially for a group that is constantly opressed in experiences, injustices. He made you feel like it may not be OK right now, but it’s gonna be alright later.” 

When asked about her favorite album, Saweetie decided to shout out Wizkid’s 2020 release Made in Lagos, which she admits “suits every vibe,” as the greatest recent record she’s heard.

“I could be pregaming, I can be cooking, I can be cleaning, I can be on a phone call,” She shares. “I really enjoy the positivity and happiness that comes with listeneing to Made in Lagos, so I think it’s up there.”

As for all-time best albums, Saweetie clarified that that takes combing through “the history of music” to make a decision like that, which would be “really hard” to get to. 

“Between R&B and hip-hop, there’s so many albums,” she said. “There’s Keyshia Cole, there’s Kanye West, there’s Lil Wayne, there’s Teedra Moses, there’s Biggie, there’s 2Pac. I mean, you can’t really—that’s hard.”

Check out what else Saweetie had to say in the video above.