Playboi Carti’s new merch line Narcissist has been teased for several months now, and on the eve of the collection’s release, it looks like his official site was hacked and the prices for the pieces changed.

Users shared the collection on social media once it was revealed on Sept. 14, showing a variety of different pieces including a $200 bomber jacket, $100 hoodie, and motorcycle accessories. 

Fans began to question Carti when one of the pieces, a $5,000 motorcycle helmet, was found via another retailer for only $29.

“Carti really said let’s do a $29 Chinese motorcycle helmet with a flat logo photoshopped on top for $5k fuck them kids,” the user wrote in their post.

This prompted others to look into different pieces in the collection, with similar findings—cheaper prices for identical item from separate foreign retailers.

This caught Carti’s attention, and the rapper took to Twitter to address the issue. He shared a text message Wednesday morning that reads, “The website is hacked. The [reference] folder was posted live. Never approved any clothing/etc.”

Carti didn’t address whether fans who already copped the counterfeit merch would get a refund.

Following the merch incident, Carti shared another screenshotted text message which reads, “Forget about the sample clearances. Drop Narcissist.”

The rapper’s Narcissist Tour is slated to kick off in Nashville, Tennessee on Oct. 14 and run through 43-cities before ending in Carti’s home of Atlanta on Dec. 23.