Let’s be real. Every morning, you wake up, jump in the shower, then hit your closet to assemble an outfit that makes you feel untouchable when you walk out the door—you know, something that makes you look and feel like the best person ever. But conquering that daily challenge is no easy feat, especially when your undies aren’t right.

Thankfully, Pair of Thieves is here to encourage you to put those tighty-whities to the side (or trash them) and take your worry away with a line of cool and comfy boxer basics styles that will have you ready for anything. But the lifestyle brand isn’t all undies. Pair of Thieves offers a complete line of men’s lifestyle essentials—socks, tees, loungewear, and yes, boxers—so you’ll never feel like you got robbed of the chance to reach your full fashion-forward potential.

Check out model Tony Tran rock Pair of Thieves, from his skivvies to his socks. Then, head to Pair of Thieves and decide which boxers best fit you and your personality.

And remember, there are only two kinds of people in this world: people who have never rocked Pair of Thieves and people like Tony Tran. Be like Tony Tran.

Comfy and Cush